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Agua Azul Beach Resort


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    It has to be said that feeling footloose and fancy free is pretty easy when you’re running around your own private beach in the Caribbean, sipping a freshly made Coco Loco and organising your day purely around sea frolics.

    Meanwhile your friends are shackled to their desks doing the 9 to 5 grind clutching a Nescafe.

    We know where we would rather be. Booked into the house that looks out onto the best beach in the Rosario Islands.

    That would be Agua Azul Beach Resort. A show-stopping New England-inspired beach house, complete with darling shutters and a wooden panelled veranda that drapes around the entire house with the elegance of an Hermes neck scarf.

    If you’re already feeling smug about holidaying on the best chunk of the Rosario Islands - on a private beach no less - then wait till you get inside this slick beach haven.

    The sweeping hallways, white-wash walls and dashes of mood-uplifting colours sprinkled around the house like angel dust throw off that Caribbean holiday flavour you’ve long been searching for.

    The bedrooms are your typical 5* affair - with the added ‘private island bonus’ part of course. After one night’s sleep in any of the 5 bedrooms, you’ll soon find that a blissful bed and no white noise makes for the best night’s sleep of your life.

    There is something extra comforting about the homely touches, such as the wicker bedsteads, patchwork quilt hangings and handmade cushions that make you feel like you’re in a private residence, and not an hotel.

    And it gets better outside, with jazzy colour contrasts, seriously fashionable sun loungers  and lots of social areas to make it even harder to leave the grounds. Especially when the generously sized pool is just as tempting as the crystalline sea on your doorstep.

    You’ll have to flip a peso to see which one you’ll dip into first, but either way make sure you have a dinner (or three!) on the marvellous swimming pool terrace to watch the last wink of sun.

    * How the cozy interiors contrast wonderfully with the va va voom outdoor furniture
    * Enjoying the jaw dropping views from anywhere in the house, thanks to the surround terrace
    * The feeling that you are in your own world - especially when you rent the place out as a full house
    * Having a private beach to call your own is definitely a bucket list box ticker

    * It’s a private island escape so don’t expect a lot of social action in the evening
    * Watersports and boat hire are not included in the price of the rental. Please contact us if you would like to arrange this separately
    * Having a third person in the family room incurs an extra cost of USD$95 
    * Agua Azul resort can also be rented as a full house

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    • Air Conditioning
    • Dry cleaning
    • Restaurant
    • Family rooms
    • Swimming Pool
    • Airport Shuttle Service
    • TV
    • Free Wi-Fi

    Address and contact

    ADDRESS:Rosario Island, Baru Playa Azul, Cartagena, Colombia
    TEL: +57 (5) 660 9128
    CHECK-IN: 15:00
    CHECK-OUT: 12:00
    FOOD: Seafood available
    From $ 311/night
    2 nights

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    Check out

    • Standard Double
      $ 311/night
      Room includes double bed, air conditioning, safety deposit box and sound system.
    • Family Room
      $ 444/night
      Room includes double beds, air conditioning, safety deposit box, sound system and garden view.
    • Family Room (High Season)
      $ 475/night
      Room includes double beds, air conditioning, safety deposit box and sound system and garden view. THIS IS THE HIGH SEASON RATE (15 dec - 15 Jan)
    • Suite
      $ 488/night
      Room includes double bed, air conditioning, safety deposit box and sound system and sea views
    • Entire House (Low Season)
      $ 3200/night
      This beach resort can be rented in its entirety. This rate does not apply in High Season (Dec 15 - Jan 15)
    • Entire House (High Season)
      $ 4200/night
      This beach resort can be rented in its entirety. This is the High Season Rate (Dec 15 - Jan 15)


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    Agua Azul Beach Resort Rosario Island, Baru Playa Azul, Cartagena, Colombia
    From USD$ 311
    per night
    5 stars