Baru | Playa Blanca - The best beach in Cartagena is in Baru Baru Beach Scene - White sands, blue skies and crystal clear waters Family in Playa Blanca - Spend the day at the beach in Baru Baru Fruit Seller - Crystal clear Caribbean waters By Land and Sea - Boats and Martyrs Club Cartagena - The façade of Club Cartagena soon to be Four Seasons Hotel Knock Knock - A typical iguana-shaped door knocker Fishing Boats - Best fresh fish arrives in Bazurto market Girl Surfing - Girls surfing in La Boquilla, Cartagena Las Bovedas - Formerly a store for gunpowder and troops now shops Palm Tree - The Best Beach in Cartagena is in Baru Sunset Laguito - Stunning sunsets everyday in Cartagena Teatro Heredia | Sunset - The lovingly restored Teatro Heredia is a Cartagena Landmark Window - The view from Andrea Eslava's house in Getsemani