This is Cartagena was born in 2011, out of our passion for this incredible Caribbean destination and its people. We wanted to shout from the colonial rooftops about just how great this city was, but we wrote about it instead.

Word caught on. People turned to us, from all over the world, wanting live out what we wrote.

So we made it happen.

Now its five years later and we show no signs of slowing down.

Our editorial team still devour this city, hunting down the tastiest restauraunts, the best beaches and flagging up the hippest hang outs.

We are here day in, day out, making real connections with the local characters that make the city tick.

Meanwhile, our on the ground travel team are the keys to the perfect stay in the city, checking you and crew into the hottest luxury rentals in town, bagging luxury rentals, bagging top tables at the city's best restaurants, getting your name on the list of the city's exclusive happenings, before helping you elope to the Rosario islands.

We have done our bit as ambassadors for Colombia - and in particular, Cartagena - laying our part in its transformation into one of the world's hottest destinations for trend-setting travelers.

Our office put down roots here, years ago, so we're no spring chickens in the Colombia travel game.

We aim to put our unrivalled experience and local intel into your hands - our comprehensive portfolio of amazing stays, tailor-made tours and hooked up concierges help you do just that.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood.

Fan Mail

What People Say About Us



''An excellent outfit for arranging all manner of activities in Cartagena. Exceptional service and commitment to their clients including outstanding recommendations, organization and follow through. They tailored our visit perfectly.'' (Feedback from coorporate client after using our tailored concierge services)

Becky McSloth

New York Lawyer

"This walk was one of the highlights of our trip to Colombia. We visited and spoke with artists in their studios, entered art spaces that we never would have seen had we walked the city just on our own or joined a more conventional tour, learned about the contemporary art scene in Colombia and heard stories behind the street art found in Getsmani." (Becky McSloth's feedback after her personalised Creative Cartagena experience)

Lisa Laws

International Art Collector

"The Art Tour is a real treat for anyone interested in culture. The guide was an impressive fountain of knowledge and an absolute pleasure to listen to. A tour for travellers who really want to understand the history and culture of Cartagena.” (Lisa Laws' feedback after doing the Art tour)

Diana Smith

New York

''If you're looking for an impeccable experience while traveling to Cartagena, I highly recommend using This Is Cartagena. As a non-Spanish speaking individual, their site was easy to use and we booked our two excursions without any hiccups. We booked one trip in the wee hours of the night and were still able to take our early morning tour.

Now, the Real Cartagena tour was off the chain. This is reminiscent of a busy day living in NYC (think Chinatown). This day was the highlight of my entire trip to Cartagena. Highly recommended. You have to take this tour.

I am a people person and the employees of This is Cartagena seal the deal. I can't speak enough to how kind and protective, Carlijn and Christian were while they served as our guides. They translated for us, bargained for us, and ensured that we had a great time in Colombia.'' (Diana Smith's feedback after doing the Day to Paradise and Real Cartagena Tour)

Sarah Story

Ogden Museum New Orleans

''This is Cartagena is an excellent trip organization/planning company. They went above and beyond to organize a 4 day itinerary for 27 art patrons from New Orleans in Cartagena. We ate at the best restaurants, saw some amazing art, and went to the Rosarios Islands on private boats for a day. Rainbow and his team are very professional, flexible and willing to do anything to make the trip a success. We had many changes in the itinerary and they were always willing to help with whatever we needed or wanted to do. He and his team were available to us the entire time we were there. They even helped organize individual outings for some of the group members. The trip to the Rosarios Islands is a must! It was so much fun to take a boat out, eat lunch and relax in the beautiful islands. I would recommend using this company to anyone that is traveling to Cartagena.'' (Sarah Story's feedback after doing a 4 day itinerary)

Ramona Gonzales

New York

''I cannot praise this tour or the company enough. From the very beginning my experience with This Is Cartagena was nothing but fantastic. I have never seen such excellent customer service from an international tour company. I would recommend any tour with TIC to anyone. While we selected the Real Cartagena and the Ceviche Tour I am certain this company goes above and beyond for all of their tours, just as much as these two. If we ever returned to Cartagena (which we plan to) we would sign up for a few more tours with this company until we have completed them all. I cannot praise this company enough. I owe our amazing experience to them.'' (Ramona Gonzales' feedback after doing the Ceviche and Real Cartagena tour)

Sherene Davidson

Washington D.C.

''We decided to go to This is Cartagena after being harassed by tour guides on the streets that just did not seem legitimate. One guy pointed to his "business partner" who was wearing a different company shirt than him, and the skepticism kept rising. So we went to the TIC office, and we are so glad we did! There were many options and the service was phenomenal. They wanted to hear about what we were interested in, and went from there. We almost did a ceviche cooking tour, which sounded cool. But ultimately decided on the Real Cartagena Tour and a day at the Rosario Islands. The Real Cartagena tour is an absolute MUST!'' (Sherene Davidson's feedback after doing the Real Cartagena and day at the Rosario Islands tour)

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Staying With This Is Cartagena

Every hotel, house or hammock you find on our site has been personally hand-picked by our dedicated - and fussy - accommodation specialists who know their blissful beds to backbreaking ones.

We've got the city out our fingertips. Book your bed with us and you'll get more than just a set of keys, we'll deliver everything you need under one roof.

Our guests also get exclusive discounts on the best tours and experiences in Cartagena.

With us, the city is yours. 

Colonial Houses & Apartments

Mingle through our selected cut of the very best colonial mansions and luxurious short-stay options in Cartagena.

Boutique hotels

Our pick of quirky boutique boltholes are the perfect option for design-conscious travellers.

Tailor-Made Tours and Experiences

If you've been shopping around you might have noticed that we don't serve up the same tours as other run-of-the-mill tour operators.

Our portfolio of carefully curated tours and experiences skip the well-trodden tourist trail, and deliver what we want you to get out of Cartagena: Bona fide experiences that get you under the skin of this crazy/beautiful city.

Under the Radar

Get off the wall and immerse yourself in the real Cartagena with an exploration through Cartagena's bohemian barrio, Getsemani. Snap it up with a photo tour with a national legendary photographer or gander through lush mangroves and bustling local market on the Real Cartagena Tour.

Classic Cartagena

Soak up the highlights of Gabrial Garcia Marquez's favourite city, and literary muse, with a private city or historic walking tour.

Beach Bums

Dose up on vitamin D with a trip to the Rosario Islands, or get your R&R hit at a boutique beach club and spa.

Take a look for yourself...

Boats, Yachts & Islands

Find your paradise with an unforgettable island day trip aboard one of our impressive fleet of yachts, boats and speedboats.

Our fantastic fleet automatically come equipped with their own crew, fuel and cooler full of ice, but if you really want to push the boat out, you can add some fancy trimmings into the mix.


Discover deserted beaches and secret snorkeling spots on your own floating sea palace.


Hit Aguila soaked Cholon bay for some good old fashion sun, rum and fun.


Get a crew on your boat so you don't have to lift a finger. We've got the barman, DJ and masseuse on speed dial.

Whatever floats your boat, we're here to make it happen.

Bespoke Travel Cartagena

We're not a one-size-fits-all travel company.

Reach out to us with your special requests and we'll collaborate with our local network of pitch-perfect partners to personalize your trip down to a capital T.

We've helped guys get down on one knee atop San Pedro claver's iconic cupolas, rented out beaches for exclusive events, created a 4 day sailing and island odesy, plucked a Cartagena top chef from a 5* restaurant to cook our guests dinner at home and even got some 'friends' on the front row at

guests dinner at home and even got some 'friends' on the front row at Cartagena's yearly beauty pageant.

Whatever it is, it's our job to make your Caribbean dream a reality.

Click the link below to start curating your holiday with one of our Cartagena Insiders.