Restaurants, 8 found: 1-8 displayed
  • Carmen Cartagena$$$

    • Contemporary | Fine Dining | San Diego

    Book ahead to avoid missing out on a superior culinary experience at Carmen Cartagena, the closest t…

  • Moshi$$$

    • Caribbean Asian Fusion | Contemporary | San Diego

    Moshi likes to keep things moving. Whether it’s the dynamic specials menu or the non-stop action aro…

  • Don Juan $$$

    • Haute Cuisine | Fine Dining | Centro

    If the Basque-influenced culinary delights of Don Juan are good enough for the president of Colombia…

  • Cafe Stepping Stone$

    • Healthy Eating | Casual | Getsemaní

    Serving up Cartagena’s best breakfast with a social mission to boot, Café Stepping Stone, is a reall…

  • Caffé Lunático $$

    • Tapas | Casual | Getsemaní

    Caffé Lunatico's poised menu is absolute dynamite—blasting off to every corner of the earth and burs…

  • Celele by Proyecto Caribe$$$

    • Contemporary | Fine Dining | Getsemaní

    Don't miss out on a superior culinary experience at Celele by Proyecto Caribe, the innovative restau…

  • El Arsenal Rum Box$$

    • Contemporary | Fine Dining | Getsemaní

    El Arsenal is a bar of the times—literally. You have to swoop in at the right moment to catch your f…

  • La Perla $$

    • Peruvian | Contemporary | Centro

    Cartagena has its fair share of Peruvian pretenders muscling in on the Caribbean ceviche scene but L…

Restaurants, 8 found: 1-8 displayed

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