Playa Blanca—a beach that needs no introduction—is no longer the secret beach destination it once was. Not that the raucous crowds deter travellers from coming here for some cheap sun and fun.

  • This Is What We Love

    • Playa Blanca is a thumping playground of activity, full of locals and travelling-on-a-shoestring travellers. There is atmosphere to say the least
    • The secret to enjoying Playa Blanca is to stay the night. The crowds tend to return to the city at around 16:00
    • Playa Blanca is the best option for budget-conscious travellers
    • Heading to the Baru Bird Sanctuary, Aviario Nacional and dropping in on Playa Blanca for lunch afterwards
  • What You Need To Know

    • People who don’t like crowds shouldn’t go. If you’re determined to head to Playa Blanca, be warned it can get very crowded to the south of the beach. If you arrive overland turn RIGHT when you reach the beach and walk as far as you can to avoid the crowds. If you’re arriving by boat head LEFT when you hit dry land
    • Playa Blanca is best enjoyed on a private speedboat or yacht so you can escape to another beach when the crowds get too much. For groups this can work out surprisingly cost-effective. Check out our boat portfolio to find a boat that fits your budget and style
    • Playa Blanca is well and truly discovered so don’t think you can go and escape the masses, even on a weekday. If you want a quieter spot, we suggest going to the Rosario Islands or some of the beach clubs in Tierra Bomba
    • Keep an eye on your belongings. Pick-pocketing is a frequent annoyance for many Playa Blanca visitors

    Our Full Review

    There are days when you can’t see where the sand stops and the sea starts for the masses, so we’d recommend renting a boat so you can make a pit stop here, dive in to the aquamarine waters before the crowds turn up on the ferries from hell. When they do skip away to a quieter spot in the islands.

    To see it a more original state staying overnight is a good option. Most of the bridge and tunnel crowd head back to the city around 16:00, so you pretty much have the beach to yourself for around $10-$15 a night, sleeping in a hammock or no-thrills cabin with a wicked sea view. If staying overnight take repellent, the mosquitos are fierce around dusk.


  • Barú

    With the exception of Playa Blanca, the most prized and expansive of Baru's beaches, the beaches on Cartagena's biggest island other are small, intimate and often lined with mangroves.

    If you're slightly disappointed with the urban beaches, Baru will exceed your beach expectations. Located a short 45-minute speedboat ride away you have more than enough powdery stretches of sand to keep you happy. Unlike the Rosario Islands, Baru is also accessible by land.

    The island's biggest meeting point is the protected cove of Cholon, where beach revellers let rip with some water bound tail-gating on private boats equipped with blaring sound systems and party as if they were auditioning for a hip hop video.

    If you're craving something a little more laid-back, there's some lovely beach front properties and beach clubs springing up on Baru for Colombia's moneyed classes that provide all the modern comforts for luxury beach combers.

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