Discover the dance company Danfroc, where many kids from the poor areas of Cartagena star their history with the helping and teaching of Teofilo Forero, a dance professor committed to community work.

  • What They Do

    • They teach contemporary dance mixed with traditional rhythms from Cartagena and the Caribe to kids of poor neighborhoods 
    • They make workshops where the kids teach at the tourist how the people dance in Cartagena
    • They involve the families of their members in a complete social transformation process
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    Emilio Cabarcas
    This Is 4U Cartagena's roving reporter is committed to making a difference in Cartagena. Reach out if you want to learn more about helping.

    Our Full Review

    Danfroc is the pilot project of the Danfroc Cultural Corporation. Created on January 20, 2017, by Teófilo Mercado Carriazo to contribute to the education of children in the Olaya Herrera neighborhood of Cartagena and positively impacting their community through dance.

    This dance company made up of kids from impoverished neighborhoods, travel around the world showing the tradition of Cartagena dance through performances that tell the social reality of the abandoned neighborhoods of Cartagena, constitutes an inspiration for locals and foreigners.

    They teach our visitors to experience the music of their territories and understand the dynamics of a difficult environment, but one that is worth fighting for.

    Led by Teofilo, an empiric dancer from Cartagena, this company keeps working during the sanitary emergency caused by the COVID-19 helping the members company and their families with food and essential products.

    They need support. Without performances coming soon or another source of income, the dance company, and their integrants, are at risk of disappearing and suffer the hunger consequences.

    If you can help with money or nourishment, Teofilo, and the families of their members they will be grateful with you all the live. This epoch is the perfect time to help to who more need.

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