Fundación CoraJem believes in education as a key tool for personal development and access to opportunities for everyone.

  • What They Do

    • They make campaigns of clean and care of the environment
    • They teach English to kids and adults in the coast area
    • They assist and give support to single mothers
    • They are working on a project with the aim of teaching values to the kids through water-sport
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    Emilio Cabarcas
    This Is 4U Cartagena's roving reporter is committed to making a difference in Cartagena. Reach out if you want to learn more about helping.

    Our Full Review

    The Foundation CoraJem pursues education, beneficence, common utility, well-being, improvement in the the quality of life, job placement, community integration, social service and innovation, preservation and promotion of good morals and family, work for peace, human rights and dignity in accordance with the traditional Catholic spirit.

    This foundation work with neighborhoods in vulnerability condition. Places as Marlinda, Santa Ana, Villa Gloria, La Boquilla, among other, make part of his action area in Cartagena.

    All this places are full of great people that have been forgotten for all the world. For that reason, is normal find a lot of problems as unsafety, overcrowding, limited cleanliness, poor education and a big so on.

    Virginia Asaf, the founder of this wonderful initiative with her big group of volunteers, still working to change lives and realities in these place that have suffered the effects of the violence, racism, segregation and corruption.

    The education is her only way. Trough English lessons, gardening organic, cleaning events, entrepreneurship and leadership, classes of watersports for kids and accompaniment to single mothers, this group of servers want leave a brand indelible in Cartagena and the world.

    Today, in front of the pandemic situation, they continue helping at all the families that make part of their initiative. You, like them, can help a lot of people that really need essential things as a dish of meat and rice or a soap bar to get a shower.

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