The streets of Cartagena used to be filled with people enjoying the city's colonial charms. Not any more! The COVID-19 pandemic turned the entire world upside down. Cartagena relies on tourism to keep food on the table for 30% of the city's population. Life is about to get very difficult for a lot of people.

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    Emilio Cabarcas
    This Is 4U Cartagena's roving reporter is committed to making a difference in Cartagena. Reach out if you want to learn more about helping.

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    Like everyone, This Is Cartagena has been hit but we're not giving up hope, just channeling our energy differently.

    We're still here to help Good People Do Great Things. More than ever! This Is 4U Cartagena aims to connect those that can help with people that need their help most.

    It's a start. If you have traveled to Cartagena and want to help or if you're a business in Cartagena that wants to get involved in helping the city in this difficult time please join us in trying to alleviate the worst impacts of COVID-19.

    Contact us for more information.

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