Everyone in Cartagena loves to dance. So if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the local vibe, you’d better oil those rusty hips and get shaking. Knowing how to boogaloo is a sure fire way to endear yourself to the locals, so don’t sit on the side lines captivated by the spinning feet in front of you, knock back a slug of aguardiente and get stuck in.

  • This Is What We Love

    • Not feeling like a gringo when you hit the dance floor in one of Cartagena’s hot, hip swinging salsa clubs later on in the evening
    • Burning calories the fun way. One hour with one of the city’s twinkle-toed masters will leave you looking lean and mean in no time
    • If you’re on a budget you can still get down to the Latino beat without breaking the bank. Just head down to Plaza de la Trinidad on Sundays at 20:00 for a free Zumba classes
  • What You Need To Know

    • Salsa is Colombia’s national dance but Champeta (think reggaeton with a hit of Africa) is the unofficial genre of the Colombian coast
    • There is more than one type of Salsa to choose from. Crazy Salsa teaches pachanga, charanga and boogaloo, Merengue, Bachata and Vallenato
  • The Details

    Hours and Days: Mon-Sun: 09:00-21:00 ?

    Address: Centro, Calle de las Carretas, (2nd floor) No. 34-23, Cartagena, Colombia

    Rating: TIC User Rating


    Our Full Review

    For those who want to get stuck in without an introduction, Cafe Havana is king for Salsa fanatics.

    The band comes on around 23:00. After being energized by the first set, you'll have just enough time to pause for breath and charge your glasses before they beat out more pulsating baselines until a disrespectable 3am. 

    Having established itself as one of Cartagena’s hottest hangouts, it’s not the cheapest spot in the city.

    Those on a backpacker budget may prefer to check into Donde Fidel for a more spontaneous grass-roots dancing session.

    If you need your wooden hips replacing then get yourself a set of Shakira’s installed with an introductory dance class at Crazy Salsa.

    Cartagena’s undisputed Latin dance experts, with many dance teachers hailing from Colombia’s salsa mecca, Cali, are on hand to fast-track you onto the dance floor later at one of their legendary salsa and Latin jazz sessions (Thursday-Saturday).

    Once you’ve learned the difference between bachata and boogaloo, then check out our weekly guide to the hottest happenings to know where to strut your stuff. It’s full of pop-up parties like Champetu, the hottest Champeta rave in town.


  • Centro

    Cartagena's nerve centre serves up breathtaking colonial architecture, the city's top attractions, finest hotels, eateries and drinking dens as well as being the administrative and cultural heart of the city. 

    Centro has lost none of its importance thanks to the universal lure of its colonial pomp and the concentration of government buildings, hotels, tourist attractions, bars and restaurants in the area. 

    Cartagena's finest hotels and restaurants have taken over the uber-casas built by slave traders and Spanish plunderers in the 17th century. 

    The richest residents knocked up stunning two and three-storey mansions by the westernmost tip of the walled city, where they bagged the sea breeze and first whiff of pirates. Today only those at the very top of Colombia's rich list can afford to maintain these opulent houses in their original residential state.

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