Champetu Pop-Up Party

The Most Authentic Pop-Up Party in Cartagena is Guaranteed to Get You Moving - 31 August 2019

Music and dancing pervade the Colombian way of life, a trip to Cartagena just wouldn’t be the same without immersing yourself in its signature musical genre - champeta - at the loudest, most authentic pop-up party Cartagena has to offer.

  • What's Included

    • Transportation from Centro to La Boquilla
  • Who Will Enjoy It

    People who want to immerse themselves in Cartagena’s musical culture and feel the contagious rhythm at one of the hottest pop-up parties in town. If you like a few drinks and getting sweaty with new friends then this is most definitely for you.

  • The Details

    Date: 31 Aug, 2019

    Time: 14:00-00:00

    Price : USD$8


    The hottest pop-up party in Cartagena, Champetú, celebrates the city’s signature genre of champeta, a hugely popular musical style that spread along Colombia’s northern coast back in the 1970s.

    With a reggae backbone and plenty of Afro-Colombian influences, this upbeat musical style was referred to as ‘creole therapy’ for a time because of its ability to lift spirits and make people forget about the hardships of life in the 'hood.

    It’s energetic, rhythmical, hypnotic and played loud by Cartagena’s charismatic DJs at the most notorious champeta parties in the historic center and beyond in neighbourhoods outside the walled city.

    Champetú parties move around as much as the locals. Inventive venues have included the rooftop of Portal de San Felipe Shopping Centre, the Palace of Inquisition in the Old Town and more recently at El Patio.

    Get in touch with us to find out the location and timing of the next pop-up party and we’ll help you organize more than just a night to remember. If you dance like you have two left feet and concrete boots, then try a dance class to get you into the Caribbean groove.


  • La Boquilla

    A fiercely proud fishing village inhabited by descendants of freed slaves, La Boquilla, has been feeling the heat from condominium development ever since the city's largest hotel, Hotel Las Americas Beach House, set up shop here in the late 1990s. 

    The Las Americas resort started a transformation into a mini-Miami with a row of comfortable condos and chain hotels now offering people a beach alternative beyond the old city limits. 

    Clinging to its Afro-Colombian roots and well worth a visit to see the other side of the city, culture vultures looking for a more authentic beach experience should keep walking beyond the contemporary, crisp white resorts to reach the real Boquilla. a traditional barrio that moves to a champeta beat thrown out by pumping sound systems and lives for baseball.

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