Classical Music Festival

A Sophisitcated Festival for Lovers of Classical Music in Spectacular Settings - 04 January 2021

Join one of the most celebrated musical events in the world at Cartagena’s International Music Festival – the quintessential experience for anyone who appreciates the beauty found in music.

  • Who Will Enjoy It

    Anyone who appreciates the beauty of music. Even if you’re not a diehard fan of the classical genre, planning your trip to Cartagena around this event will give you a fascinating view into the musical culture of South America.


  • The Details

    Date: 04 Jan, 2021

    Time: Available on Request

    Price : Available on Request

    Address: Centro


    Cartagena’s International Music Festival has gained incredible renown in recent years, quickly becoming a top highlight on the global music calendar.

    The festival launched in 2007 and has consistently attracted some of the finest classical talents from around the world.

    Each year carries a different theme that is explored and interpreted in fascinating ways by maestros of the genre, all played out to the perfect backdrop of Cartagena’s architectural splendour in locations like the Adolfo Mejia Theatre and San Felipe castle.

    You’ll find both free and paid concerts during the event, which range from fun, lively and intimate collaborations to grand orchestral shows that are guaranteed to give you goosebumps.

    Organisers have also placed increasing emphasis on local youth development in classical music in recent years, giving visitors important insight into Colombia’s ever-expanding musical culture as talented youngsters show off their abilities in smaller concerts.

    The festival runs for about 10 days every year beginning in early January.


  • Centro

    Cartagena's nerve centre serves up breathtaking colonial architecture, the city's top attractions, finest hotels, eateries and drinking dens as well as being the administrative and cultural heart of the city. 

    Centro has lost none of its importance thanks to the universal lure of its colonial pomp and the concentration of government buildings, hotels, tourist attractions, bars and restaurants in the area. 

    Cartagena's finest hotels and restaurants have taken over the uber-casas built by slave traders and Spanish plunderers in the 17th century. 

    The richest residents knocked up stunning two and three-storey mansions by the westernmost tip of the walled city, where they bagged the sea breeze and first whiff of pirates. Today only those at the very top of Colombia's rich list can afford to maintain these opulent houses in their original residential state.

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