Bow Down to the Mighty Moshi

Moshi likes to keep things moving. Whether it’s the dynamic specials menu or the non-stop action around the sushi bar, eating here is akin to a culinary adrenaline rush.

  • This Is What We Love

    • Indulging in the excellent 11-course tasting menu with beverage pairing
    • An innovative restaurant concept that gets extra marks for being as delicious as it is surprising
    • Every ingredient is sourced from the best local and international providers—and you can really taste the difference on your plate
    • Going for dinner and staying for the cocktails and electric atmosphere
  • What You Need To Know

    • Moshi is the sister restaurant to Carmen and shares the same location
    • With a capacity for only 40 diners you really need to reserve a table here, especially at weekends
    • Moshi doesn't accept large groups
  • The Details

    Type of Food: Caribbean Asian Fusion

    Hours and Days: Mon-Sat: 12:30-15:00 & 19:00-23:00 ?

    Price Range: $$$

    Address: Calle del Santísimo 8-19, Cartagena, Colombia

    Neighbourhood: San Diego

    Rating: TIC User Rating

    Rating: Trip Advisor


    Our Full Review

    Of course this isn’t by any means ‘fast food'. Moshi's ambitious menu encourages thought and careful consideration when it comes to ordering. Not just for the Asian names, which are hard to spit out gracefully when you’ve downed a couple of Sakes, but for the abundance of choice and taste spectrum, which karate kicks its way to Colombia via Asia without breaking a sweat. 

    Most of us are familiar with Asian food, but Caribbean fusion is a whole new kettle of fish. Here, the ramen noodles are made with yuca, the miso soup is served with costeño cheese and plantain vinegar is used in the sushi rice. It's a complex and beautiful puzzle that require a bit of brain re-wiring, but fear not, because the clued—up waiters are at hand to steer you in the right direction.

    Not that there are any culinary dead ends on this menu. Owners, Rob Pevitts and Carmen Angel, are the undisputed king and queen of fusion cuisine in Cartagena, and if you’ve eaten in Carmen (Moshi's sister restaurant), then you’ll know that they simply don’t do food norm-core.

    Moshi seems to be a particularly personal venture for the couple, not least because the restaurant name and logo honours their cat, but because the menu is their ultimate dinner wish-list. It’s what they cook at home or would choose to eat outside—if such another place existed.

    First timers should surrender themselves to Moshi's higher powers by ordering the resplendent tasting menu, which takes you on a seriously tasty journey. Choose between a 7- or 11-course menu with an innovative beverage pairing that includes Sakes and a fabulous range of signature cocktails.

    If you are choosing off the menu, then we suggest ordering a few round of small plates and starters before hitting the main course.

    The Sake Zuke is the perfect introduction to the concept of Moshi. Consisting of five mini portions it allows you to dip your toes into the restaurant's sea of foodie delights without commiting to anything in particular.

    The O-Temaki open hand rolls are so delicious, you’ll eat them with the speedy intensity of a Japanese bullet train. So order a few rounds for the group just to be on the safe side.

    For mains you’ve got a hefty selection of rice and ramen dishes to choose from. The Bibimbap, made up of coconut rice, oxtail, mushrooms, spinach and egg yolk wrapped in a light duvet of black truffles and foie gras sauce, is sublime. Rich and comforting as a grandmothers hug, but surprising too, thanks to the myriad of textures and aromatic flavours.

    The Pla Pao is another extravagant and lavish feast. A whole fish encrusted with coriander, mint and lemongrass and served with drunken noodles and a spicy fish broth. It arrives like dynamite on the table, steaming, sizzling and generally smelling out of this world. The soup is punchy, the noodles spongy and the fish flakes off beautifully onto your fork.

    Moshi’s Asian concept encourages you to think outside the box when it comes to drinking. You can have a bottle of red anywhere in town, so forgo the routine and order one of their cocktails instead. Designed by mixology whizz, Lilibeth Coronado Marin, they’re as detailed and delightful as the food on offer, with wickedly quirky names like Crazy 88 and Hattori Hanzō.

    It’s things like the Kill Bill cocktail homages and the adorable cat logo which remind us that there is plenty of  room for fun and haut couture cuisine to sit happily under the same tipi. Here the vibe is casual, but civilised. A godsend for people who think you shouldn’t have to wear a ballgown and suit to enjoy incredible food.

    Kokoro Fui. That's Japanese for mind-blowing.


  • San Diego

    A healthy mix of sub-cultures makes San Diego one of the most interesting and varied districts in the city, something reflected in its diverse gastronomic offering.

    San Diego is formed by 16 blocks north of Calle de la Universidad de Cartagena and west of Calle San Agustin and Calle de la Moneda and stretches to the Baluarte de Santa Catalina and the walls that protect the city to the north. 

    Architecturally the houses are smaller and were built principally for the military, artisans and clergy. There are fewer of the two-or three-storey holiday homes for the ultra-rich that characterize the centre and you will still find traditional families living in some of the more modest houses in this part of town. 

    After Cartagena's moneyed classes swapped the claustrophobic centre for expansive mansions in Manga and later Bocagrande and Castillogrande in the mid-19th century it took the renovation of the former Santa Clara Monastery, converted for the hotel chain Sofitel into the city's pre-eminent hotel in 1995, to put this barrio back on the map. 

    Colombia's farandula, or celebrity set, has since colonized San Diego including John Leguizamo who bought a place here after filming Mike Nichols' Love in the Time of Cholera.

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