This initiative take fresh products from the Bazurto market to the homes of Cartagena. Just now they are closed, but continue helping with his platform bringing food at hundred families in the most needed neighborhoods.

  • What They Do

    • They delivery food from the Bazurto market
    • They are getting donations during the quarantine to help others
    • They support 5 foundations with the donations 
    • They are changing the way to see and buy in the most especial supermarket in Cartagena
  • Contact a Local Expert

    Emilio Cabarcas
    This Is 4U Cartagena's roving reporter is committed to making a difference in Cartagena. Reach out if you want to learn more about helping.

    Our Full Review

    The Bazurto market is the epicenter of all the commercial and cultural life from Cartagena. Since was transferred in 1971 from the old town, this one has become in one of the most important economic structure for the city.

    Some people says that this market is the heart of all Cartagena. Although problems as unsafety, overcrowding, and limited cleanliness don´t can be forgotten, now many people are changing his perspective about Bazurto and are starting to find and see all the opportunities around this surreal place.

    In sight of this panorama, the initiative known with the same name of market, has started to deliver the fresh products and foods that are so popular in this square.

    Through his website, the people from different neighborhoods in Cartagena can buy all the elements of a pantry (meat, fruits, grains, vegetables) and receive them in their houses. 

    However, with the COVID-19 situation and the state of emergency, they have stopped sale with normally and now are dedicated to getting donations to bringing food and essential products to all the people possible.  

    If it is on your hands, you can help to donate a little money that will be used to buy food and toiletries for a family in need.

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