A New Year Party In the Islands

Start 2020 with a Fun Soaked Regaetton Regatta - 02 January 2020

Shake off the NYE hangover with a sun-soaked party in the islands. Half of Cartagena skips town for a drunken celebration in Cholon for Colombia’s biggest and best island regatta.

This Reggaeton-flavoured regatta in the idyllic waters around Baru, an island paradise just 45-minutes from Cartagena is what Caribbean New Year’s celebrations should bel about. Swap the champagne flutes for rum shots and kick start your 2020 like a fiesta legend.

  • The Details

    Date: 02 Jan, 2020

    Time: 10:00-16:00

    Price : USD$235

    Address: Cholón, Barú, Cartagena, Colombia


    This is the busiest day of the year to rent a boat in Cartagena. Yachts and speedboats are difficult to come by as every boat in the city is heading out there for some floating frottage. Worry not, we’ve booked a fabulous floating palace for a fun-loving crowd.

    Mix and mingle with locals and out-of-towners for what is set to be the best day of 2019.

    Book with us and get access to the shiniest speedboat in Cartagena, brimming with social butterflies, free-flowing beers and soft drinks, a bilingual guide and transport to and from the quay.  


  • Barú

    With the exception of Playa Blanca, the most prized and expansive of Baru's beaches, the beaches on Cartagena's biggest island other are small, intimate and often lined with mangroves.

    If you're slightly disappointed with the urban beaches, Baru will exceed your beach expectations. Located a short 45-minute speedboat ride away you have more than enough powdery stretches of sand to keep you happy. Unlike the Rosario Islands, Baru is also accessible by land.

    The island's biggest meeting point is the protected cove of Cholon, where beach revellers let rip with some water bound tail-gating on private boats equipped with blaring sound systems and party as if they were auditioning for a hip hop video.

    If you're craving something a little more laid-back, there's some lovely beach front properties and beach clubs springing up on Baru for Colombia's moneyed classes that provide all the modern comforts for luxury beach combers.

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